All orders received are subject to a minimum $30.00 order requirement (net distributor cost; less freight) unless exempt as noted in terms below for Drop Shipments. All orders accepted by UTS must be accompanied by a written purchase order or in the case of verbal orders, by issuance of a confirming purchase order.

United Tool & Supply reserves the right to insist on only written purchase orders prior to shipment from those customers with a history of unauthorized returns and/or repeat order changes. Only Customers with a current account status with UTS can place orders for drop shipments.

DROP SHIPMENTS: United Tool & Supply will accept orders from authorized stocking customers for shipments directly to an end-user. Orders have no minimum dollar requirement per shipment when shipped Fedex Priority or UPS Red overnight to a location within the authorized customer’s state. Order exceptions for shipments outside an authorized customer’s state require the submission to and the approval of the UTS Regional Manager and must demonstrate a sales history with the specified end-user. Drop shipments not shipping overnight delivery will have a minimum $30.00 order requirement (net customer cost; less freight). Only customers with a current account status with UTS can place orders for drop shipment.


E-MAIL INVOICING: Receive an invoice (PDF File) to the e-mail address of your choice, for each order, shipped the prior day.
Contact our Credit Services Team to upgrade to E-mail invoicing.

  • Save Time and Money
  • Receive Invoices Faster – Direct to your PC
  • Eliminate Mailroom Handling
  • Eliminate Paper Files – E-File your Invoices
  • Easy to Forward Invoices for Your Approvals

FAX INVOICING: Receive your invoices at your preferred fax number. Invoices will be faxed during low peak nighttime hours. Upgrade to fax invoicing by calling Customer Accounts Maintenance Department at 713-466-8998, or fax your request to 713-466-8999.

STANDARD INVOICING: Receive an invoice via United States Postal Service for each order shipped the prior day.

CONSOLIDATE INVOICING: Consolidate your individual orders into one summary invoice. You may choose from weekly or monthly invoicing. Consolidated invoicing requires enrollment in the E-mail invoice option and must meet certain qualifications.
Contact Tammy Nguyen, Credit Manager at 713-466-8998 for details on this option.

EDI INVOICING: Exchange orders and invoices using standard format messages sent between your computer system and our computer system. Receive your invoices through Electronic Data Exchange (EDI). Contact our Credit Services Team for setup information for our EDI system.

Packing Slip Invoicing

Prices will be printed on your packing slip for orders prepaid by credit card. Making this service work for your business by increasing your purchasing power.

PACKAGING: All products will be sold in package quantities only. Inserts are packaged 10 pieces per package unless otherwise noted. Toolholders, milling cutters, and replacement parts are packaged individually unless otherwise noted.

Instant Credit for New Accounts

Your credit accommodation professionals at United Tool & Supply are dedicated and happy to assist you to build your business by providing solutions to all your credit needs. We offer a number of credit accommodations and convenient payment plans to enhance your business grow.

  • Orders are shipped immediately
  • No waiting, no long, drawn-out credit processing

Commercial Account

Customized Payment Options

  • We offer flexible payment terms

Invoicing Options

United Tool & Supply offers various invoicing options that connect with the way you do business…
Choose from one of the options below and start saving time and money!

  • Email invoicing
  • Fax invoicing
  • Standard invoicing
  • Consolidated monthly invoicing
  • EDI Invoicing

Credit Cards

  • We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Visa, Master and Discover card. We also accept procurement cards and purchasing cards. You can get more information by calling us @ 713-466-8998

Remittance Address

  • If you would like to mail in a payment, please send it to:
    United Tool & Supply
    9021 West Little York Rd.
    Houston, TX. 77040

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that all returns are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  • Call (713) 466-89980 to talk to someone regarding the item you are trying to return.
    Be sure to print and fill out an RGA – RETURN GOODS AUTHORIZATION FORM.
  • All returns must be in their original, undamaged manufacturer packaging with all original packing slips and documentation, and shipped back to the Customer Fulfillment Center from which they originated.
  • Please include a copy of your invoice or packing slip.
  • Claims for discrepancies in shipment must be made within 7 days of receipt of merchandise or they will not be accepted.
  • Materials returned after 30 days from the date of shipment will not be accepted.
  • O.D. returns will not be accepted.
  • Altered or etched items will not be accepted.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the forms below, please see the Contact Us page for a variety of ways to reach your United Tool & Supply Sales team.

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