These are the terms of sale between United Tool & Supply (UTS) (“Seller”) and the entity that is purchasing goods from Seller (“Buyer”). “Buyer” agrees that these terms of sale are applicable to the transactions between “Buyer” and “Seller”, and agrees to contract with “Seller” pursuant to these terms.

Acceptance of Terms of Sale

No conditions expressed by “Purchaser” in its offer or acknowledgment should tie on “Vendor” if in strife with, conflicting with, or notwithstanding, “Merchant” terms. Credit is contingent upon assurance by “Merchant” every time a request is gotten. By utilization of our site you consent to our Legal and Privacy Policies. You guarantee, speak to, and warrant that all buys made by workers/operators of your association using your record number are approved buys of your association. You recognize and concur that it is your duty to confirm and keep up the assurance, security, and appropriation of your record number, client names, and passwords connected with buying from “Merchant”. Besides, you explicitly concur that all risk identifying with secret key administration dwells with you and your association and that by no means, including carelessness or offense, might “Merchant” be obligated for any harms that outcome from the utilization of our site. You recognize that you’re buying rights and benefits might be changed whenever upon notice from “Vendor”. Requests are acknowledged on the premise of terms of the offer in actuality at the time the request is gotten and affirmed by the “Merchant” at “Seller’s” Main Offices. Acknowledgment of any items conveyed here under by “Merchant” or any of its Affiliates or Assignees might constitute “Buyer’s” consent to said Terms of Sale as put forward in this or found on our site.


On the off chance that stock is not in stock, it will be put on delay purchase for 90 days. Unless we have client approval to hold stock on rain-check longer than 90 days, it will naturally be scratched off and you will be advised.


All claims MUST be made within 5 days of receipt. To speed up administration please allude to our shipper or receipt number. Harms brought about in business shipments must be asserted through the normal bearer.

Commercial Credit Account Terms

Unless generally consented to in composing, upon affirmed credit, standard terms of installment might be 30 Days Net. A 1-1/2% month-to-month benefit charge might be included solicitations not paid when due. Returned checks and electronic installments are liable to $15.00 charge. On the off chance that “Purchaser” neglects to satisfy these terms or if “Merchant” whenever has any uncertainty as to “Buyer’s” monetary duty, “Dealer” may request prompt full installment and decay to make encourage conveyances. Any obligation owing from “Purchaser” to “Vendor” can be set off and connected by “Dealer” and related organizations on any obligation whenever every once in a while either before or after development or request. “Purchaser”/candidate consents to pay any gathering cost brought about to gather reprobate sums, including lawyer’s expenses.

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